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Features of Domain Registration Service

Domain Forwarding and Masking

Technically, Domain Forwarding means connecting or redirecting your domain to another location virtually over the internet. Here when the visitor Google’s your domain name, then it directs them to another website created by you. 

Suppose you have created a website with Joomla at an early stage, and later-on you created another site with WordPress. If you want visitors will access your WordPress directly, then domain forwarding will work on that part. 

Masking means putting a layer over another similar thing is Domain Masking. Here your domain name will be masked by another domain name, which means one domain will be used to open the other. For example, your domain name is layered or masked with, so when is googled will open. 

WP Hosting Pro offers you Domain Forwarding and Masking so that all your data can remain safe, and visitors can reach it faster.

Domain Locking

Domain Locking is a security process used to secure your website while domain transferring after the domain name search.

Name servers work as your security guard to keep your domain lock and safe while transferring from one provider to another. Here are some of the steps to be followed for enabling or disabling domain locking:

  • Log in to your domain with your registered provider. 
  • Then choose the domain that you want to configure. 
  • An options box will appear, now scroll down to the Domain Locking option.
  • Two options will be given Unlock and Lock, check the Lock Button, and press the submit button.  

Total DNS Control

Total DNS Control means getting full access to the management panel of your domain name server to make the changes desired. This control lets you configure the function, like editing, adding, or deleting records. 

  • If you want to have Total DNS Control, follow these steps:
  • First, log in to your domain account with your respective registrar. 
  • Now look for the option Manage Domains, and click on it. 
  • Scroll down and choose DNS Manager. (DNS Manager let you access every setting and file)
  • Finally, a Total DNS Manager or Control will appear, now tap on it to make any changes.

Change of Registration

There are two options for Changing Registration either change the Registrar or change the Registrant. 

We offer both the option, anytime you can change the provider if you don’t like our services, or sell your domain to someone else. 

You have to give the access and login details of your domain to the person who will purchase. 

Some charges apply to transfer the enrolment of your domain. The domain registration is possible with the help of the management panel of your present domain provider.

Internationalised Domain Name (IDN)

Before the evolution of the modern domain, which consists of the English alphabet and numbers, the domain name was written in Latin alphanumeric. It was quite hard to understand for the people throughout the world, so later it has been changed to English Alphanumeric. 

The Internationalised Domain Name is used to name your domain in a way that people from every part of this globe can see it in their native language. WP Hosting Pro support IDN 

Domain Transfers

Domain transfer can be possible if you have registered with one registrar and later on because of services or a price rise. We offer you two options for domain transfer, either transfer it from some other providers to WP Hosting Pro or vice versa. 

You are welcome to do anything about your wish. If you migrate the domain to WP Hosting Pro and register with us, then be sure to get a 1-year free extension free of cost.

Domain Backorders

Domain Backorders means to catch a domain name that is used by someone else. Here you can grab some of the popular domain in the market. 

The thing that happens with domain backorders is a registrant purchase a domain for a year, after which a renewal period of 30 days is allowed.

Within these 30 days, the user is given to renew with some extra charges. If the domain owner doesn’t renew it, five more days is given, then permanently delete. After this expiration period, it will be set on auction, and come first go is offered. 

WP Hosting Pro offers you to keep updated about any domain backorders available online and let you first order it.

Bulk Domain Discounts

Hurry on now you can save on transfer or register a bulk domain at a discounted price with WP Hosting Pro. Not a higher limit, just six or more domains to be registered or transferred to get this discount. 

Moreover, get free one year of extension with every domain registered, and hundreds of sub-domains are allowed with each. So, what you are waiting to grab your deal on WP Hosting Pro.

domain name registration (domain name search)

Domain Name Search >> Register a Domain >> Get Hosting >> Go Online

You Can Build a

Stunning Website

If you’re looking to customize everything down to the pixel, a WordPress site is a perfect solution for you. You create the site, but we’ll take care of the Web hosting, maintenance, and software updates.

A WordPress website integrated with an online store powered by WooCommerce gives you endless opportunities for growth. From online payments to product displays, you can customize virtually everything you need.

FAQs on Domain Name Search

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the unique name or identity of your website used to locate it between millions of others, similar to a PAN or any national identity number. It consists of some alphabets and numbers, and every domain name is from others with different Domain Extensions. You type your website e.g., “WP Hosting” then the first part is the domain name, and .com is the domain extension. 

Always remember a domain name is not similar to hosting a website. Buying a domain name is the first step to build a live Website, which costs between $5 to $99. It is the name by which people will search your Website, so uniqueness always matters.

How To buy a Domain?

To register a domain name, follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, Visit WP Hosting Pro
  • Then go to, Domain Name Search Page
  • Now a domain name search box will appear on your screen. (
  • This checker box is to help you in choosing an appropriate domain name for your site.)
  • Enter a name that you desire, and click search. 
  • After a few seconds, several options will appear with a price tag for the year.
  • Choose the one that best suits your site and step forward to register the domain by filling in some peronal details and paying. 
  • A mail will be sent, to your registered mail id, so click on that to verify the purchase and ownership regarding domain registration.  

What details need to Register a Domain?

Your essential details are required to register a domain name, here WP Hosting Pro have noted down for better understanding:

  • Input the desired domain name, and choose an appropriate one that fits your page.
  • After choosing, it’s time to register your domain name. 
  • You have to enter your name, mail id, phone number, address. (This are billing and your contact details)
  • Now check the terms and conditions for your domain registration. If you are satisfied, then put a tick on each box and proceed to the payment window.
  • Finally, fill in the card details or any method of payment you use, and enter OTP. 
  • Click confirm to finish.  
  • To verify your domain purchase, go to your mail-id, and check for the verification link and click on it.

Does WP Hosting Pro Supports All Currency & Payment Gateway?

Yes, WP Hosting Pro is an international domain registration organization having a network in three major continents on the globe, so that it supports mostly all currency and payment gateway possible. Some of the popular payment methods used are credit/debit card payment, PayPal, net banking. 

You may be using dollar, pound, rupee, yen, Swiss, and several more, everything is accepted. Let you be any country WP Hosting Pro will always be your supporting domain partner.

Does WP Hosting Pro Providing Domain Protection service?

Yes, WP Hosting Pro is providing you with three tire domain protection after registration, which keeps your domain unique, safe, and Well-performing. Domain protection means protecting the owner’s information from others. It will prevent getting your site fraud by the competitors and helps to rank on Google. Some Websites are present that show the owners’ information by just giving your domain name, which is later used by your opponents as an attacking Weapon.  

Can I Register multiple TLD at a time?

Yes, because, with WP Hosting Pro, you can register multiple TLD at after domain name search. The charges will be higher than buying a normal domain from WP Hosting Pro (Because of multiple domain extension add), but lesser than any other domain registrar. Moreover, you will not get service like WP Hosting Pro from anywhere else. 

There are several beneficial reasons for choosing multiple TLD with WP Hosting Pro: 

  • It will give you a unique identification in the online market.
  • You will be safe from fraud sites because it will help you to build trust inside the visitor’s mind. For example, you belong to the US, so your domain name can end with Here .us signifies your country, and .co is for commercial purposes. Thus, you are doing commercial work in the US, and everyone can identify you buy it. 
  • Competitors are always ready to get your Website down, so multiple TDL can help you to tackle their ideas of doing so with ease. 
  • It always works with geolocation, so your native visitors can directly get connected with you.

Does WP Hosting Pro Allows Bulk Domain Registration?

Yes, WP Hosting Pro allows you to register several hundred domains at a time, without any hesitation. Thus, you have to choose the domain name and domain tale as per your budget and list them all. 

After listing, it’s time to search a domain and register it, so here you will select the one which you want to buy. Fill in all the required information and proceed to the purchase page. You can make payment in any currency and payment methods accepted here.

Can I Create an unlimited Sub-Domain with my domain?

Yes, you are allowed to create 100 subdomains with your registered domain. This method lets you open several sites over a single domain name without affecting the others. Probably most of them are connected, and their domain tale remains the same. 

Your sub-domain name gets listed before your domain, for example, is your domain, then, will be its subdomains.

Does WP Hosting Pro Provide All TLD domain extension?

Yes, of course, WP Hosting Pro is providing you with almost every TDL domain extension possible online. You can choose any TDL from us as per your budget and get a domain registered for a year. Some of the popular TDL offered by WP Hosting Pro are “.com, .in, .uk, .us” and many more. So, you can buy your desired domain name and extensions at the same site from WP Hosting Pro.

Can I transfer Domain From other Providers to WP Hosting Pro?

Yes, anytime, you are heartily welcome to join the WP Hosting Pro family, which means you can transfer your domain from another provider to WP Hosting Pro. Minimal transferring charges are added with saving every penny of yours. Moreover, WP Hosting Pro also offers you to change the domain tail as per your wish or remain with the same.  

Does WP Hosting Pro Provides DNS Management Panel After Domain Registration?

Yes, WP Hosting Pro provides with DNS Management Panel, thus maintaining and manage everything after domain name search & register as per your wish. This panel is used to connect your domain to the blogging site and any server. Moreover, here you can configure domain data and re-set it. WP Hosting Pro is offering a user-friendly management system so that you can handle it with ease.

Is it possible to Change the Domain of My Existing Website on WP Hosting Pro?

Yes, WP Hosting Pro lets you change the domain of your existing Website to a new one. Some charges will be applicable as per the price of the new one, although it will be cheaper in comparison to other registrars. 

They are offering several hundred options for domain name and TDL, so select one as per your budget. A domain name is the unique identity of your Website, so keep patience while choosing.

Can I Connect My Domain to WordPress, Blogger & Joomla Like Blogging sites?

Yes, it is possible to connect your domain to WordPress, Blogger, or any blogging sites available. Here are a few steps to make your task more prominent:

  • If you are registering a domain with WP Hosting Pro, then go to the My Sites option. 
  • Click on Manage, then scroll down to Domains. 
  • A box will appear to select connect your domain from the given option. 
  • A small message box will appear below, which you can glimpse “Configure Your Domain Setting” tap on it.
  • Now you have to log in with your DNS provider and do the required configuration.
  • It is time to confirm that you want to connect the domain name with some blogging sites like blogger, WordPress, etc.
  • Finally, everything will change as required, and you will be ready to use it.

Does WP Hosting Pro Providing WordPress host with Free Domain Registration?

Yes, WP Hosting Pro provides WordPress with free domain registration, but that depends on the offer. We are providing cheap domain registration throughout the year. If you want to get free domain registration, then stay updated with WP Hosting 

Offers are mostly available during some occasions like the new year, Christmas, and many more. In case you need the Purchase domain name immediately, then buy it from WP Hosting Pro by paying a minimal price.

Can I forward the domain any time from WP Hosting Pro?

Yes, you can forward the domain any time you want if you don’t like the services. This time will never come because WP Hosting Pro will always be with you at every moment you need help on the domain. 

Their team of experts is ready to solve every query whenever you need it. Moreover, you will be getting a user-friendly interface for the management panel with easy access to everything. 

If you are lucky enough then, you can do free domain registration with WordPress during some offers only at WP Hosting WP Hosting Pro also gives you domain protection, multi-domain purchase, and hundreds of subdomain support with each domain.

Can I buy Domain and hosting at a Time from WP Hosting Pro?

Yes, of course, you can easily buy a domain name, domain tale, and Website hosting at a time only from WP Hosting Pro. Here you are offered various hosting processes and hundreds of TDL at a price like nowhere else. Register any domain name you will get domain protection and promising services from WP Hosting Pro. 

Here are options for Web Hosting available on WP Hosting Pro:

Shared Hosting – If you are having a small business with low visitors, then it is the best money-saving option. Here you will be sharing your IP with few other sites.

VPS Hosting – This is for people having a medium-sized business. Here you will get the virtually shared part of a physical server with a unique IP address. It can handle nearly 2 million visitors and offers storage as SSD and HDD. 

Dedicated Hosting – Its name signifies that you will be offered a dedicated space of your own, which means a physical server will be used by you virtually. It is the latest trend of website hosting available in the market, mostly used for larger businesses or application testing or animation work. In dedicated hosting, several million visitors will be handled at a time.

Does WP Hosting Pro Provides 24*7 Support over Domain Registration?

Yes, WP Hosting Pro is providing 24×7 customer support service on every service it offers, including cheap domain registration and domain name search service. Get ready to enjoy promising support like never before with WP Hosting Pro, because now it supports multiple languages. 

All your doubts will get cleared within your comfortability in your native language. They are having a team of Expert domain registrar ready to help you 24x7x365, so nothing to worry about as everything is re-simplified for you.

In every hosting, be assured of getting unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certification, and MySQL Server. Moreover, these are available with several operating systems Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. You can upgrade your package anytime with 99.99% uptime, and 24×7 customer support is ready to help you.