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Linux VPS Hosting

High Quality Linux Virtual Server with Bundled Features in a Affordable Price

Unique IP Address
High SSD Disk Storage
Complete Root Access
24/7/365 Phone Support
Linux VPS Hosting

Select Your Best Linux VPS Hosting Plan

1 vCPU

$ 7.99

Per Month
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB SSD Storage
  • Linux only, no control panel*
$5.99 / per month

2 vCPURecommended

$ 29.99

Per month
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 100 GB SSD Storage
$30.99 / per month

4 vCPU

$ 59.99

Per Month
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 200 GB SSD Storage
$60.99 / per month

8 vCPU

$ 104.99

Per Month
  • 8 CPU Cores
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 400 GB SSD Storage
$104.99 / per month

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Linux VPS Plans Features Includes


Linux VPS Hosting by WP Hosting Pro is offering high-level DDoS protection, as well as a private space to keep your data safe. You can work on your site with ease without getting afraid of getting your server hacked. WP Hosting Pro always monitors the malicious attack on your site, and counter them to keep your business safe.


Not everyone in the market providing unlimited bandwidth. Providers are there who promise to offer unlimited bandwidth but start charging a price after a range. Whereas WP Hosting Pro does what it has mentioned and provide you with high-level security, privacy, and unlimited bandwidth, that can manage two million people.

Multi Locations

We offer multi location service, so if your one severs is getting higher visitors, then multi location will move you to another sever. Moreover, it will keep you out of lagging, and getting slower. Now your business will be on time, every time.

DDoS Protection

DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service Attack is quite a virus attack whose main aim is your server, and various services. Here WP Hosting Pro is offering you DDoS protection, so now work tension-free, without any fear. Moreover, you will be safe from different malicious attacks and hackers.

Affordable Price

First of all, compare the price of Linux VPS service from different providers with WP Hosting Pro. Here, you will be getting a better product at a much affordable cost than others with unlimited bandwidth and a free MySQL server. It’s guaranteed that no one else will provide better service than WP Hosting Pro.

Faster Load Time

Virtual Private Server reserved for your personal use, where no one else will interfere. So, the loading time will be much faster than any other server, with better performance. WP Hosting Pro is having a worldwide server, that gives it uniqueness with better loading time.

Better Performance

WP Hosting Pro is offering you Linux VPS Hosting with unlimited bandwidth, making it easier to handle heavy traffic. Also, you will be getting the latest tech intel processor, RAM, CPU, and Storage. As this server is dedicated only to you, thus be sure to enjoy an amazing performance like never before.

Unlimited FTP/sFTP

File Transfer Protocol or FTP is a rule under which you use to exchange files with the server. Most of the time, your service provider offers you a limited FTP, that brings trouble after working for some time. Therefore, WP Hosting Pro is offering you unlimited FTP to finish your uploading on the server faster than anywhere.

Better Control with Root Access

Plesk Control Panel gives you access only to few features of VPS, whereas with root access you can configure multiple plugins and applications. WP Hosting Pro is offering you Linux VPS hosting with root access to make you feel free in your workspace.

Supports Popular Web Applications

You must be thinking that every OS supports several hundred applications, then what’s the difference. Here Linux VPS Hosting supports unlimited services with free upgrades, supports multiple applications like WordPress, MongoDB, etc. In case you are facing any problem during installation, then contact our customer support.

Additional Benefits with Our Linux Virtual Server

Friendly Environment

Linux is one of the highly recommended and most used OS worldwide, so working with very Cheap price Linux VPS hosting you get a friendly environment. Although, if you are facing any trouble while working then WP Hosting Pro is ready to help you.

24/7 Customer Support

Every VPS service provider gives you a 24×7 support system, but when you call or text them after having the product, no one replies to you back. Once you started working with WP Hosting Pro, your safety and support will be our responsibility. We also offer you a 24×7 support system that will keep your problem solved at any moment.

Easy Upgradation

WP Hosting Pro offers you with cPanel in Linux VPS hosting, thus you can easily upgrade any application. As it is a Linux server, you will be kept up to date, so that no new application or up-gradation will make your work slower.

Dedicated IP Facility

If you aren’t purchasing a VPS, then the chances of getting a dedicated IP is low. Here in Linux VPS hosting, you will be getting an exclusively dedicated IP address, making it anti hackable. A dedicated IP Facility will help you to work with peace in mind and high-level security.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is a mandatory certificate that enables your site with HTTPS and server identity. Without an SSL certificate, your site will not be validated, and have to pay some amount to purchase it. WP Hosting Pro will offer you a free SSL Certificate with Linux VPS Hosting for a year, saving some of your penny and time.

Lifetime Unlimited Bandwidth

A Virtual Private Server always needs higher bandwidth to handle heavy traffic. Thus, WP Hosting Pro is offering you unlimited bandwidth that can manage two million visitors. Cheap Linux VPS Hosting is providing unlimited bandwidth to make your management more comfortable, so once purchased, then not to worry about bandwidth.

Linux Virtual Server: Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is a Linux Virtual Private Server?

A Linux Virtual Private Server or Linux VPS is a hosting server developed for Linux Operating System. If you are well acquainted with various coding languages and Linux OS, then only go for Linux VPS hosting.

One of the best things about Linux VPS, it gives you more access to the server with the help of a cPanel. Moreover, Linux VPS is inexpensive, thus available within your budget, and works similarly to Windows VPS for your site or application.

How Linux VPS Works?

Linux VPS works similar to a Virtual Private Server, by hosting a virtual server over a physical server. Linux VPS works with a Linux OS, typically made to make your work easier.

A Linux VPS works with two components:

Hardware Virtualization; By providing you a separate virtual space for working, which acts similarly to your computer but having a scalable space.
Component Management System; This helps you to handle the difficulties while working on Linux VPS. Moreover, it helps to manage heavy traffic, increase the space as per your use.

You should purchase a Linux VPS hosting from some trusted server like WP Hosting Pro, to have a better experience of it. After purchasing, you will be given a dedicated IP and server. Login to your space, then use it as per your need.

Advantages of Linux VPS.

Some of the advantages of a Linux VPS are:

  • A better and more secure environment than any other server, as you will have the control.
  • It is inexpensive, making it affordable for anyone having a low budget.
  • Linux VPS is having all the necessary applications required to make you perform better.
  • If you don’t know Linux, although desired to use it, then go for a fully managed VPS server.
  • Linux VPS has a 24×7 customer support system.
  • It supports thousands of software, like WordPress, MySQL database, etc.
  • Available with integrated cPanel, so that you can easily make a change.
  • Reliable, as it is one of the secure environments.

What is Linux VPS Hosting and How it is Helpful?

Linux VPS Hosting doesn’t need many resources to work, nor require a continual reboot during high load. Here you can manage the VPS using cPanel or command lines and can design with VPS. Linux is highly secure to use and used by most of the experts. It is highly compatible with software like Java, PHP, CGI, etc.

If you know much about Linux VPS Hosting, then telnet and SSH are inherent to it. here FTP can be used by Linux and Windows. It is much cost-effective and having a vast customer support platform than any other VPS.

Why choose Our Linux VPS Hosting?

Several hundred sites are offering you Linux VPS Hosting, but why to choose WP Hosting Pro? It is so because, WP Hosting Pro is one of the best hosting service providers globally, with a 24x7x3665 support system compromised of an expert team. Moreover, it offers you a budget-friendly package and user-friendly interface.

Here are few things about WP Hosting Pro Linux VPS Hosting:

  • You will get unlimited bandwidth that can handle more than 2 million visitors.
  • Offers you managed and self-managed cPanel thus, the choice is yours.
  • Provides you a free SSL certificate for 1 Year
  • You can easily back-up your file and database.
  • Integrated with the latest Intel processor
  • You will get a free MySQL server with our Linux VPS hosting.

Basic Tips to grab More Speed on Linux VPS hosting.

Here are a few of the best tips to grab speed on Linux VPS hosting:

Optimize Apache Settings

Without a proper Apache configuration, your site’s performance will get impacted. It is not necessary that your setting will be fully optimized, thus you need to bring a change. Here are a few things that you have to check-in Apache Setting:

  • Max Clients; Turn on this option to limit the number of visitors to your page, thus extra requests will be in line. This option keeps the page speed the same every time.
  • Keep Alive: Always keep this setting on, and MaxKeepAlive request to 100. It will help you to handle a large number of IP requests that you will get on your site.
  • Max Requests Per Child; Here, a child server request gets processed, so always set it to maximum up to 300.

Update MySQL

Always keep your MySQL server up to date for better performance, as this handles your database.

Use a CDN

It always happens with a site that a native user can access faster than a user from a far distance. Here to resolve this issue, you have to use CDN or Content Delivery Network, so every user will get a similar loading time.

Content Optimization

You always desire that your site should look best and rank number one, thus use high-quality plugins, images, and contents. So, when VPS sends your content to the user, it takes a longer time to load just because of heavy load. For this, you need to optimize your content, to perform better.

If you need help with it, then search PageSpeed Insights on google and enter your URL, and it will simplify everything you need.

Use Caching

An important task that you need to do even with your system, Clean Cache.

How to Secure Your Website from Hacking on Linux VPS Hosting?

Your website contains, some personal information and necessary documents, so it’s always needed to keep your site safe from getting hacked. Here are some tips that will help you to protect your site from getting hacked on Linux VPS Hosting:

    • Always keep the server software up to date to be safe from malware attacks.
    • Disable root login to increase the security level of your site, and never log in as a root user.
    • IPv6 is one of the most used IP addresses by the hacker, use it to send malicious traffic, so disable IPv6.
    • Keep changing your SSH port as this always creates confusion in hackers’ minds.
    • If you are not using any port, then disable because it gives the root access to the hackers.
    • Always need to turn on your firewall so that it will keep you secure from malware attacks.
    • In case you are not using any package, then please remove it to keep your site safe.
    • Always keep your password strengthen.
    • Use GnuPG encryption.
    • Use disk partitioning so that if one disk gets attacked, then another disk will remain safe.
    • Turn on CMS auto-updates
    • Make/Boot read-only
    • Install a rootkit scanner
    • Take regular backups if your data gets corrupted then you can easily retrieve it.
    • Prevent anonymous FTP uploads.
    • Use SFTP, not FTP.
    • Enable cPHulk in WHM.

How many websites I can host with Linux VPS Hosting?

In an apartment, a flat is a particular part, which when purchased by you, then whatever you won’t do it as per your wish.

VPS is quite similar to your desktop, so it always allows you to host as many numbers of the website you want. It is a vast virtual platform that is only dedicated to your work so you can use it as per your need.

Can I Run WordPress On Linux VPS Hosting?

Yes, of course, you can run WordPress on Linux VPS Hosting. WordPress comes as an integrated software with Linux, so you are free to use it. Here you need to download the plugins as per your requirement.

Does cPanel Integrate with Linux VPS Hosting?

Yes, cPanel is integrated with Linux VPS Hosting, as it is being offered as a control panel of Linux. It provides an interface, that will help you to easily manage the multiple task of your website. cPanel in Linux VPS Hosting can also be used to host multiple site on a single server.

Linux VPS and Linux Dedicated Server, which is more powerful?

Linux Virtual Private Server is more robust than Linux Dedicated Server as it offers you better performance and secure sites at a lower cost. It also helps you in loading your site faster than other servers by skipping the heavy traffic. Moreover, it offers you managed and unmanaged cPanel, thus making your task easier. Easy scalability, you can easily change the required space anytime as per need.

Does WP Hosting Pro Allow to Upgrade the existing Linux VPS Plan in the future?

Yes, cPanel is integrated with Linux VPS Hosting, as it is being offered as a control panel of Linux. It provides an interface, that will help you to easily manage the multiple task of your website. cPanel in Linux VPS Hosting can also be used to host multiple site on a single server.

Does WP Hosting Pro Provides Best Linux VPS Service?

Yes, WP Hosting Pro provides you with one of the best Linux VPS Service because it has a trained IT support team who are experts in Linux OS. Moreover, you will be getting some free and unlimited services with your packages, like:

  • Unlimited bandwidth that can manage heavy traffic on your page
  • We Offer Control Panel option with Support plans.
  • Free SSL Certificate for 1 year and more.
  • Powerful performance, with the most advanced intel processor

Can I Use CDN on Linux VPS Hosting?

Linux is an open-source operating system, which supports several hundred software on it. Yes, CDN can be easily used on Linux VPS Hosting so that you can comfortably offer the same loading time to every user of this globe.

Are there any Specific Differences between windows VPS and Linux VPS?

Linux VPS v/s Windows VPS, here are some categories based on which we can sense the difference. These categories divided into seven sections:


Windows is a popular OS, which needs updates and reboot frequently. Whereas the Linux OS is stable, so don’t need to reboot at the time of updating your site. Linux also comes with Secure Remote Logging, and it doesn’t need any restart while configuring any feature. Thus, here we can say on performance-based Linux is much better.

Control Panel:

cPanel is available as an integrated control panel for Linux VPS Hosting, but in Windows, VPS Hosting has to purchase cPanel. Although, if you buy any of these hosting from WP Hosting Pro, then cPanel will be free.

Easy to Use:

Windows OS is having a much larger platform than Linux, thus making it user friendly. You have to learn to code if you are using Linux Self-Managed VPS Hosting. In managed Linux VPS Hosting, you don’t have to worry and can use it with ease.

Server Access:

You can only use FTP on Windows, whereas Linux allows you to access the server, as it supports FTP as well as SSH.


In Linux, the administrator setting is limited, which protects you from malware and spyware.


Linux is much more compatible to open software so everything will be at your fingertip.


Linux OS is open-source, with no payment for alternating the codes. Thus, a Linux VPS Hosting cost lesser than a Windows OS.

Can I Get more Hosting Features on Linux VPS then Windows VPS?

There’s not much difference between the hosting features of Linux and Windows VPS. Although some of the things that makes Linux VPS hosting better than Windows:

  • Linux VPS hosting is inexpensive than Windows.
  • Linux offers the cPanel to you so you can have root access.
  • Linux is much faster and performs better as there is a lesser number of the user.
  • Your data is always secure with Linux, as well as saves your data and keeps backup.

is WP Hosting Pro Offers Security to users to Integrate with Linux VPS Hosting?

Yes we Offer Website Security but its not Free, You can buy a security plan according to your Number of Website domains. you can check our Website security plans and pricing. If you take fully-managed Server,  so you do not need to take security.

Does WP Hosting Pro Provide Free CDN Services to Linux VPS if No, Where to Get it?

No WP Hosting Pro offers you a Paid CDN service with your Linux VPS Hosting. So, you don’t have to worry about finding it from our Website Security Plans. CDN will help your site to manage the loading speed from anywhere.

Easy to Setup Guides

Get started with Linux Hosting

Log in to WP Hosting Pro server

There are a couple of different ways to log in to your WP Hosting Pro Linux VPS

Read More..
Set up my Linux VPS

After you purchase a VPS, it’s time to complete your setup with its server name and other administrative info.

Monitor My Server

See the resource usage (for CPU, Disk space, and available RAM) and uptime in the Dashboard

Work with cPanel Panel

You can log directly into cPanel using the username and password for your Linux  VPS hosting.


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