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Windows Web Hosting

Windows Web Hosting is perfect for those who use ASP.NET, ASP or SQL Server. Enjoy our advanced one-click install, satisfying load times, a responsive interface, and more all backed by 24/7/365 U.S.-based expert support.

Windows Web Hosting Pricing

Customize Yourself With our Responsive Windows Plesk Hosting pricing Plan


$ 2.49

Per Month
  •   1 Website
  •   30 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth*
  • Standard Performance
  • No MSSQL databases (200 MB)
  • 1 MySQL Databases
  • Database Backup/Restore
  • NO FTP Users
  • Premium DNS
  • SSL Certificate (1 Year)***
$2.99 / per month


$ 7.49

Per Month
  •   1 Website
  •   100 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth*
  • Standard Performance
  • 1 MSSQL databases (200 MB)
  • 10 MySQL Databases (1 GB each)
  • Database Backup/Restore
  • 50 FTP Users
  • Premium DNS
  • SSL Certificate (1 Year)***
$7.99 / per month

DeluxeMost Popular

$ 10.99

Per Month
  • Unlimited Website
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth*
  • Standard Performance
  • 25 MySQL Databases (1 GB each)
  • 2 MSSQL databases (200 MB)
  • Database Backup/Restore
  • 50 FTP Users
  • Premium DNS
  • SSL Certificate (1 Year)***
$10.99 / per month


$ 14.99

Per Month
  •  Unlimited Website
  •  Unlimited Storage
  •  Unlimited Bandwidth*
  •  2x Processing Power & Speed
  •  Unlimited MySQL Databases (1 GB each)
  •  Unlimited MSSQL databases (200 MB)
  •  Database Backup/Restore
  •  Unlimited FTP Users
  •  Premium DNS
  •  SSL Certificate (1 Year)**
$16.99 / per month

In addition to our Windows Plans, we also offer Linux Web Hosting

Features Included With Windows Web Hosting

Welcome to the modern era of technology with the latest Windows 2012 server, so get everything at your fingertips. With our, Every Windows Web Hosting plan is sure to get the latest Windows 2012 with Plesk control panel. Your website will step forward like the other legendary sites with tech redefined. If you face any problem during the installation, then our experts are ready to help you regards windows Plesk hosting.

Security monitoring & DDoS Protection

The most important feature of web hosting, let it be Windows or Linux, customer support and DDoS protection are mandatory. Here, with WP Hosting Pro you can clear all your doubts from the team of intellectuals sitting ready to help you every moment. The DDoS protection helps in securing your site from various attacks which will be free with our Windows web hosting.

Install Almost all app on single Click

One-click installation is one of the best features ever you will get with any of the hosting services. While installing some third-party applications, there are several steps you have to follow which makes it a lengthy process. Thus we are offering you with single click installation with nearly every application. Windows Web Hosting server offers, you unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, and integrated Windows Plesk interface.

Easy upgrade

It is the time to upgrade everything with ease, no more worrying about any changes because everything will get managed by itself. You can easily upgrade your CPU, RAM, Entry Processes and I/O with just a click with WP Hosting Pro with no downtime and complexity. 

Unlimited Sub Domain

Probably most of the domain providers provide only a few subdomains with your domain. WP Hosting Pro is one of the brands that not only promises unlimited, here you will be getting truly unlimited sub-domains, bandwidth, and storage.

Secure File Management

With the latest control panel like Plesk and cPanel, your file management will become more lenient than before. Moreover, you can copy, move, delete, replace, undo, or backup a file. The optimized system of these control panel makes the management of your data reliable and prominent than before.

Onyx Plesk Facility

The traditional Plesk management software was made during 2001 for controlling both Linux and Windows. Now it has got the latest up-gradation that makes it smoother, user friendly, and faster only with the Onyx Plesk Facility. It also enables you with an interface that helps you operate the hosting like a pro.

All plans utilize Windows® Server 2012 R2.

Try Our Windows Plesk Hosting (Onyx), You’ll Get:

Onyx Plesk (Windows Web Hosting)
Easily manage your server & applications with this popular, award-winning Plesk Control Panel.

Windows Server 2012 R2
Take control of your hosting with this powerful server Windows operating system from the World’s no.1 company Microsoft.

Free Applications
Instantly or anytime install any applications on your website with just a single click.

Optional paid service

Be smart. Stay smart. Back it up with Windows Plesk Hosting

In windows web hosting, We are offering free backup but only for files. If you want to have a full website backup facility, then better to go for the monthly paid pack. This pack will retrieve all your data when needed and keeps you updated about every change.

And we’re offering it for only $ 2.99/mo.
That’s smart.

Choose the Windows Hosting plans that’s best for you:

Frequently asked questions

What is Windows Web Hosting?

Windows hosting is a web hosting platform where Windows OS is used as the hosting and management interface for the site. Windows is one of the highest globally used operating system with a user-friendly workplace and a vast support system. If you are new to the hosting world, then it will be the best option to host your site. It is reliable, secure, and easy to manage so everyone can maintain it with ease.

WP Hosting Pro is providing windows hosting at a lower price than others with some favorable packages like unlimited bandwidth, CDN, DDoS protection, Plesk control panel, and storage. Moreover, customer care executives are always ready to help you.

How it is different from Linux Hosting?

Mostly the biggest difference that a Windows Web Hosting runs with the control panel like Linux Web Hosting. You will use a Plesk control whereas, in Linux hosting cPanel coms as the integrated management software. Windows hosting is more secure, reliable, and easier to use than Linux hosting. In Linux hosting, you need to learn some coding language to design your site or making any server changes. 

Is it possible to use both Windows and Linux hosting at a Time?

Yes, it is possible but only if you are using both the OS in two different websites, then in a single server Windows and Linux hosting is possible at a time. Suppose you are owning a server where is your site with Windows hosting, then using its sub-domain can be hosted using Linux hosting. 

Can I get cPanel on Windows Hosting?

No cPanel is not available for Windows Hosting, because it comes as integrated software for Linux hosting. Windows is having, a control panel name Onyx Plesk that is used to manage everything over it. If you are acquainted with any control panel then Plesk will be used by you with ease, as it offers you a user-friendly interface.

Is it possible to take Backup in Windows Web Hosting?

Yes, of course, it is possible to take Backup in Widows web Hosting, but that will be chargeable. You have to pay less than $2 every month for backup, this is a hard backup that will work during the site migration. If you want to take regular backup that’s free of cost with FTP, you can download or upload any file from your server. WP Hosting Pro offers you windows hosting backup at price lower than any other providers in the market. 

Does WP Hosting Pro Providing Website Security with all windows plan?

Yes, you will get three tire website security with all windows plan by WP Hosting Pro. The first layer is of firewall that will resist the unknown source to enter your site. The second layer consists of DDoS protection that will keep your blocks the stranger access and activates on your site. SSL certificate works for the authentication of your site so that no one else can copy it. The final layer is integrated with Sucuri security, a paid defender that is offered free of cost for your site with windows hosting. Sucuri security itself is all in one security that will enable all-time protection to your site. 


Does Windows Plesk Hosting panel support 1 click WordPress application installation?

Yes, Windows Plesk Hosting supports WordPress application and various other third party application. The best thing is that you can install every application instantly with one click with the help of the Plesk interface. 

Does WP Hosting Pro Provide unlimited bandwidth over windows hosting?

Yes, of course, be sure to get unlimited bandwidth over windows hosting on WP Hosting Pro. Bandwidth will help you to manage the visitors on your site, you get some limited bandwidth, then excess visitors may crash your site. Here you will get unlimited bandwidth that means you can now handle more than a million viewers at a time with the same speed and accuracy. 

Can I get a file manager panel with windows hosting?

Yes, you will get a file manager panel with windows web hosting namely Plesk interface or Windows Plesk hosting. This file manager works as the control panel of the windows hosting server, thus everything can be changed with it. Moreover, this can also be used to edit, copy, move, and delete the files. File transfer protocol is given to download and upload files over your server.  

Can I upgrade my plan if I need more storage or RAM without site migration?

Yes, you are free to upgrade your plan or storage anytime on WP Hosting Pro without any site migration. The cost will be applied as per the package you will choose, but be sure to get unlimited bandwidth and Plesk interface with our Windows Hosting. 

Can I buy a domain and Windows Plesk Hosting at a time?

Yes, you are allowed to buy a domain name, domain tail, Windows Plesk Hosting, and even a server at a time from WP Hosting Pro. Even payment is allowed at a single time, and adding some other features like managed hosting will be chargeable. We accept all the payment gateway and currency thus it will be lenient for you to pay. Moreover, multi-language is supported for better interaction. 

Does WP Hosting Pro allow to add SSL from other providers?

Yes, you are allowed to add an SSL certificate from other providers, even we are offering an SSL certificate at a lower cost. Some of our packages include a free SSL certificate and unlimited storage and bandwidth, there you don’t have to pay extra charges for it. 

Can I migrate my website from another provider to WP Hosting Pro without changing the domain?

Moving your website from some other providers to WP Hosting Pro without changing the domain is allowed. It will be as simples as spreading butter over bread, you have to just seek permission for migration and within a few hours or days, everything on your site will get transferred to the WP Hosting Pro server. Remember to have a backup before migrating your site, this will keep your site secure and safe while changing the service provider.